Charity wants Stonehaven to raise a cup to fight HD

The Scottish Huntington’s Association (SHA) wants Stonehaven folk to share a cup of tea in February to raise much needed funds.

The charity is organising fundraising tea parties across the country throughout the month, to help them improve the care they offer families affected by the degenerative brain disorder Huntington’s disease (HD).

“February is a miserable month so we thought this would be a great social way to bring people together to have a tea or coffee, a cake and a chat,” said the charity’s community fundraising officer, Linda Byars.

“These don’t need to be elaborate affairs, just something simple for friends and neighbours or maybe if you are in a club something a bit bigger, all that matters is that you have fun and raise funds”

SHA is the only charity in the country that supports families living with Huntington’s disease (HD)

HD is a hereditary progressive condition that causes changes to muscle control, thinking processes and may cause long-term mental health issues.

The average age of onset is between 33 and 45, there is currently no cure for HD.

Those living with the condition will require 24-hour care as it progresses into its later stages and each child of someone diagnosed with HD is at 50% risk of developing the condition themselves.

The disease could impact as many as 5000 people across Scotland.

“The people of Stonehaven have been great supporters of SHA in the past and I’m sure they’ll get behind this initiative and raise a cup for us,” said Linda.

All funds raised will help fund a team of HD specialists that provide lifeline services to HD families.

Anyone interested in organising a tea party can call Linda on 0141 848 0308 or email to see how she might support their efforts.

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