‘Choosing Products that Save Lives’ will help communities


Stonehaven is enjoying its first Fairtrade Fortnight since the town was awarded that status in September

last year.

Having started this week, and running on until March 8, Stonehaven will have local activities over the fortnight so people can find out more about Frairtrade and try its products.

The idea behind Fairtrade Fortnight this year is “Choosing Products that Change Lives,” as the premium paid to certified Fairtrade farmers and producers means they can support themselves and their communities.

This weekend there will be the regular Fairtrade Sale in South Church, Cameron Street, which takes place on the last Saturday morning of every month from 10 until noon.

Fairtrade Group chair, Rachel Shanks, will be visiting shops, workplaces, cafés and restaurants to hand out Aberdeenshire Fairtrade Zone window stickers.

This is so that Stonehaven residents and visitors can see where they can buy goods in the town.

The application to the Fairtrade Foundation was highly praised last year in the official report which applauded the local group for “making huge progress in promoting Fairtrade among local establishments.”

For more information and if you’d like to join the local Fairtrade group contact Rachel Shanks on 01569 668087 or rshanks@phonecoop.coop or visit http://fortnight.fairtrade.org.uk/