Classes on talking about drugs

Classes are set to take place in the local area which are designed to help parents and guardians tackle the issue of drugs with their children.

How to drug proof your kids is a free six week course which is delivered to parents across the Country and covers a variety of topics and looks at ways to discuss the issues of drugs and drinking. It helps parents find ways to encourage their children to make sensible choices about drugs and alcohol.

Local women, Anne Adams and Trish MacEachern deliver the classes in the area and have been specially trained by charity Care for the family.

DPYK concentrates on the important role a parent, or significant caregiver, can play in reducing the risk of harmful drug use. It also gives the skills and knowledge that will help children to make good choices.

With an emphasis on prevention DPYK is designed to: Give you a realistic overview of drug use in society and its related harm, Provide you with an understanding of protective factors and the role they play in helping to steer your children and young people clear of harmful alcohol and other drug use, Help you strengthen your influence in areas such as wellbeing and communication and learn how to respond to issues such as alcohol use, Equip you with skills and plans that will influence your children’s choices, Show how your own beliefs, attitudes and behaviours about alcohol and other drugs can influence your children and Provide you with a sense of community-based support.

For more information visit or to find out information about the next course in the local area call Anne Adams 01569 766870 or Trish MacEarchern on 01561 321263.