Coastal flooding has not been forgotten

Towns and villages across Kincardine and Mearns have been devasted by flooding in recent years
Towns and villages across Kincardine and Mearns have been devasted by flooding in recent years

The coastal flooding that affected parts of Stonehaven and elsewhere on 15 December 2012 has not been forgotten, concerned locals have been told.

Ms Joanna Cubbage, Principal Engineer, Flooding and Coast Protection with Aberdeenshire Council met two members of the Coastal Flooding Group, part of Stonehaven Flood Action, to discuss issues raised by those affected by the coastal flood in 2012.

Christopher Anstock of the Coastal Flooding Group said “John Briggs and I had a most useful meeting with Ms Cubbage and it was good to hear that Aberdeenshire Council is actively working on coastal flooding protection.

“Although the coastal flooding was perhaps unprecedented, the council is engaged in survey work at Stonehaven beach to see what else can be done to protect seafront properties.

“Additional drains at the sea front, deployable barriers across the lanes leading to the beach and a possible expansion of the Flood Warden scheme to cover properties affected by coastal flooding are all being actively considered.

“The Coastal Flooding Group will shortly be carrying out a survey of everyone affected by the coastal flood in 2012 to ask if we can help in any way, to learn more about the extent and duration of the flood and to make sure those affected are aware they have a voice which the council, and others, will listen to.”

Stonehaven was hit by river flooding in 2009 and 2012 when the River Carron burst its banks and flooded much of the Old Town. However, the coastal flooding of 2012 was a separate problem caused by low pressure over the North Sea, high tides and strong onshore winds.

Work continues, by Aberdeenshire Council and the Coastal Flooding Group, to identify the causes and see what can be done to more accurately predict similar events in the future.

The Coastal Flooding Group meets monthly and welcomes anyone with an interest in coastal flooding issues. In particular, it would appreciate any photographs and other records of properties affected by sea flooding in 2012.

For more information, contact Chris Anstock on 01569 739017 or at