Coastal flooding is ‘being ignored’

Brian Doyle sent us this picture of the massive waves in Stonehaven in October
Brian Doyle sent us this picture of the massive waves in Stonehaven in October

A public consultation into flood prevention is not addressing the need for action on coastal flooding in Stonehaven.

This is the view of the coastal flooding sub-committee of the Stonehaven Flood Action Group, who have said that a consultation being jointly carried out by SEPA and Aberdeenshire Council is “vague” and “imprecise” on the subject of coastal flooding.

Chris Anstock, from the coastal flooding group, said that while they welcome the announcement that £15 million will be spent on river defences in the town, they have concerns that the consultation, which looks at projected flood risk plans for 2016-2022, does not commit to any work on coastal defences.

Mr Anstock said: “Aberdeenshire Council and SEPA have done a great job with regard to river flooding, and we are all delighted that £15 million has been allocated to that.

“However I, and others, are concerned that coastal flooding is almost being ignored. There is absolutely no commitment, and that worries me.”

The consultation document does acknowledge that coastal flooding is a problem, however it states that coastal flooding has been assessed as a still water level projection, failing to take wave action into account.

It states: “Damages from coastal flooding are known to be significantly underestimated as wave action is not accounted for in the models used in the flood risk assessment.”

Mr Anstock commented: “They are treating the North Sea like a duck pond. The report repeatedly acknowledges that wave action is a problem, and it repeatedly states that it has not been considered during risk assessment.”

The document is open for public consultation until June 4, and Mr Anstock urged members of the public to comment. He said: “It is quite an off-putting document as it is rather long, however we are happy to help guide people through the consultation process. You can email for assistance.”

You can directly view the consultation at Stonehaven library or online at where you can leave a comment.

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