Community Group to make case for flood warning

Stonehaven beachfront after flooding (photo by Rachel Campbell).
Stonehaven beachfront after flooding (photo by Rachel Campbell).

Questions have been raised over whether the Kincardineshire coastline should have it’s own flood warning system in place.

Currently, a basic model is used in Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City that gives a region-wide alert for coastal flooding.

A number of questions on the timing of alerts have recently been asked at the coastal flooding public meeting held at the end of October and at the most recent Stonehaven and District Community Council meeting.

Chris Anstock from the Coastal Flooding Group - a sub group of the Stonehaven Flood Action Group - is looking to work with community bodies on a united front to make a coastal flooding warning a priority.

He said: “ To the south, such a system exists for the Angus coast as far north as Arbroath.

‘‘A new system was recently put in place for the Moray coast. That leaves Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City with only the basic model, not one specifically tailored to our circumstances.

“Most coastal communities are keen to have a specific warning system tailored to their own circumstances and, consequently, SEPA are under a bit of pressure to deliver such systems around Scotland.

“SEPA has always been most helpful and supportive of what we are doing.”

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)said this week that ‘‘consideration’’ will be taken next year regarding a possible scheme.

A spokesperson added: “A new coastal flood warning scheme for Stonehaven and Southern Aberdeenshire will be given consideration by SEPA in 2015 as part of an overarching strategy to ensure flood warning systems are available in vulnerable areas across Scotland.

‘‘Any new scheme is assessed on a risk-based approach and takes into consideration the technical and financial aspects of any new system. If the scheme is confirmed feasible, then the earliest it could be implemented would be in 2016.”