Community is being ‘ignored’ over junction

A junction on the A90 at Portlethen leading on to Bruntland Road is set to be closed off despite local opposition from community councillors.

Representatives from Transport Scotland attended the May meeting of Portlethen and District Community Council and confirmed that the right-hand turn into, and out of, Bruntland Road will be closed off, with the costs being met by the developers who are creating a new town at Elsick.

The junction is renowned for being dangerous at peak times and community councillor Paul Melling has campaigned for several years for acceleration and deceleration lanes to be integrated into the junction.

However, speaking at last week’s meeting, Transport Scotland representatives said that it would be too expensive to implement these measures and they did not have the budget to do it.

Mr Melling said: “Why is the only option that has been considered closing it off? There are other options - they could install interactive signs to reduce speed on the A90, or make it a 50mph zone.

“I cannot believe that they haven’t done a proper traffic study and looked at other options here. They have just decided this without doing a study.

“Closing off this junction will create problems elsewhere in Portlethen, with additional traffic using the flyover and Muirend Road.

“I find it really frustrating. They have created a situation where they are not listening to the concerns of the local community - we are being ignored and it is so infuriating.

“If Transport Scotland can prove that this is the best solution I will hold my hands up and admit defeat, but they haven’t provided anything.”

Councillor Ian Mollison, who was also at the meeting, said: “Transport Scotland have said that safety standards are higher nowadays for junctions like this, and the decision has been made to close off the right-hand turn.

“If you are travelling south and intend to turn left on to Bruntland Road you find that you have traffic right on to you rear bumper.

“With traffic joining the A90 from this junction you have a conflict with the bus stop and not much of an acceleration lane, but Transport Scotland said they won’t be doing anything about it.

“I was surprised to hear that Elsick are going to be paying for it, as it is an existing issue and not related to the Elsick development.”