Community projects get top up budget cash


Community groups around Kincardine and the Mearns were awarded funds by Aberdeenshire councillors, following a meeting on Tuesday.

Councillors looked at requests from a number of community groups at Viewmount, with funds being awarded from the area committee budget. The total awarded at the meeting was over £4000 and all requests were from the North Kincardine area.

Maryculter Hall Users Committee put in an application for £400 to assist with the purchase of a heated box and mounting for the defibrillator, currently housed at the Old Mill Inn, Maryculter. The group would like to move the defibrillator nearer to the hall and football pitch. The total cost of the project is £600. In a motion by Dave Stewart, the Independent Councillor in the Mearns, the group were given funds to cover the whole project of £600.

Also receiving £1000 was Maryculter Woodlands Trust to assist with promotional costs involved with fund-raising for the capital cost of £240,000 required to purchase the woodland from the Forestry Commission.

The costs include registration for gift aid with HMRC, setting up a website, constructing a notice board, and the production of promotional information.

Newtonhill Community Hall Association received the full amount that they asked for, £1092, to assist with the purchase of a dishwasher for the well-used community facility.

The total cost of the project is £2184, with the remaining money being raised by the group through fund-raising activities.

Safespace, a group in Portlethen for families who have children with additional needs, received £1000 from the Area Committee.

The group would like to create a sensory library, offering parents and children the chance to borrow and try out occupational health equipment, which is otherwise very expensive to purchase and not available from the NHS as a prescribed treatment.

Safe Space was set up in November 2013 by a group of parents of children with additional needs.

The group currently has 33 members being supported regularly through the use of weekly after school sessions and school holiday sessions at Portlethen Academy.