Concerns over health care

North Kincardine residents have voiced concerns that the planned Elsick development will put tremendous pressure on the quality medical services currently provided in the area.

Scottish Labour Council Candidate Alison Evison is urging Aberdeenshire Council to ensure that the development meets its vision of supporting existing communities and improving life in the surrounding area.

The planning application submitted by the Elsick Development Company to Aberdeenshire Council in September 2011 states that “ultimately a medical centre will be provided within the town centre.”

However the application also stresses that this will not be built until 4000 housing units have been completed.

This will be by 2023 at the earliest, in the meantime, new Elsick residents will be forced into already busy GP services in existing neighbourhood centres.

Portlethen GP Ewan Clark has many reservations about this.

He said: “The Elsick Development Company should be prepared to put up the capital for a new Medical Centre within their town at a much earlier stage, “Portlethen Medical Centre cannot be expected to look after the needs of an extra 9000 patients for the foreseeable future. We do not want to dilute the service we offer to the local community.”.

Scottish Labour candidate, Alison Evison, said: “We’re potentially facing another example of the current Aberdeenshire Councillors approving new homes without making sure there are proper community facilities.

“People across North Kincardine are looking for a change. They’re looking for someone committed to listening to their concerns and making sure development is sustainable. “

The application for the development of the £1 billion Chapleton of Elsick development, were lodged last month and are now nearing the end of the twenty eight day statutory consultation.

If the development is given the go-ahead it will see a total of 9000 homes being built near Newtonhill.