Concerns over school rush hour parking

Mackie Academy
Mackie Academy

Mackie Academy rector Louise Moir has voiced concerns over parking at the school during the start and end of the educational day.

Writing in her weekly Mackie Matters column, the rector has said that some parents are making the journey more dangerous by their actions.

A minority of parents who are picking up pupils have blocked the bus bay, which is used by a significant amount of children on a daily basis.

She said: “As many of you will know the fact that a significant number of our pupils are bussed into Mackie Academy makes it a very busy place around their arrival and departure times. I am sorry to say that a significant minority of parents are making that journey more dangerous by their driving and actions at these times of day.

“Can I please reiterate that the bus bay should only be used by buses during the start of the school day (08.15- 08.40) and at the end of the school day (15.00-15.30). I would also ask parents to drive respectfully if using the school car parks and, if remaining within these car parks, to park up in the designated spaces.”

She added that parents waiting for children should park on a nearby street if there was no space.

She added: “If there are no spaces, it is not safe for parents to create a log-jam by just waiting.

‘‘ We would ask that if you need to wait you do so in an adjoining side street. I put all of these requests out to the local community as I do not want to see one of our young people injured.

‘‘ We are working hard with our young people to raise their awareness of road safety and I would ask parents to take this into consideration as well.

‘‘I am sure that, together, we can make this work.”