Confidence to say “I Do.” after class

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A Stonehaven woman dropped an impressive six dress sizes by attending the Stonehaven Scottish Slimmers class which is taken by, Sylvia Strachan, who last week was named Class Manager of the year.

Paula Fearn had tried in the past to lose weight but it had always piled back on, that was until she went along to her local Scottish Slimmers class and her impressive weight loss gave her the confidence to say “yes” to a Christmas Day proposal.

When she was told her weight at her first Scottish Slimmers class, Paula thought the scales were lying.

She said: “Once I accepted the scales were telling the truth, I had a chat with Sylvia and we agreed on a Target Weight of ten and a half stone, which, the way I was feeling at the time, I reckoned would take me at least two years to reach.”

Just over 12 months later, Paula has lost almost five and a half stone, dropped from a size 22/24 to a size 10/12 – and is brimming over with health and happiness.

She said: “This time, I’m losing weight the healthy way, which has given me so much energy and confidence – and so many excuses to go shopping for new clothes. I used to hate clothes shopping but now I love it!”

She said: “If I hadn’t lost all this weight, I don’t think I would have accepted my partner Robin’s Christmas Day proposal as I’d never have had the confidence to walk down the aisle. However, the new slim me said yes immediately and we’re getting married in August 2012.”