Consultation on plan for Mearns forest

South Drumtochty taken to the south of Auchenblae.
South Drumtochty taken to the south of Auchenblae.

The Forestry Commission are currently consulting on their ten year management plan for their woodlands at Mearns, west of Stonehaven.

The woodland is an amalgamation of Fetteresso, Glenfarquhar and Drumtochty Forests, and are located west of Stonehaven where the forest extends from the A957 Slug Road in the north east to the B974 in the south west.

The forest is predominately an upland environment with poorer soils which have been planted with commercial conifers in the past, and forms one of the main production areas of the forest district. The forest has a number of objectives for timber production, the environment, species biodiversity and climate change.

The ten year plan includes the Forestry Commission’s proposals for felling and planting operations, and details of these can be provided by contacting Iain Walker on 07876456654 or email

If you would like to comment on the plans please contact Iain Walker by October 17 so your comments can be considered in the final plan.

Meanwhile, as we reported last week the Forestry Commission is currently carrying out tree felling work at Denlethen Woods. Work began on Monday September 29 for two weeks, and similar work at Dunnottar Woods is due to start on Monday October 6 and will also last for approximately two weeks.

Emily Holmes for Forestry Commission Scotland’s team in the Moray & Aberdeenshire said:

“The thinning work we’re doing will improve the range and health of habitats and will also make them more attractive places to visit but while we are working there, visitor safety is paramount.

“Some of the trails will be closed – and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience – but it’s necessary so that the machines can work in the areas safely. Because these are big, noisy machines and our team will not see people – or dogs! - that wander into the working area.

After the initial closure, some areas of the forest will not be accessible but diversions will be in place so that visitors can still enjoy walks around the forest.