Could you be a volunteeer Befriender?

The beginning of a new year (especially one when Britain is hosting the Olympic Games) is a time to consider a new challenge or a new interest.

Maybe you have had time over the festivities to think about doing something different this year.

Perhaps you have wondered about helping another person in your community? If you have had these thoughts then go to the website –

You really don’t need to be a super athlete to be a Befriender. Do you like people? Can you listen to what people are saying? Are you patient and friendly?

Do you think you could Befriend an older isolated person – perhaps giving up a couple of hours a week or a fortnight of your time? If so, would you like to join the team of Befrienders?

If you are interested please contact Brigitte (Senior Kincardine Co-ordinator) on 01569 765714 or Sheena (Deeside Co-ordinator) on 07816958839 or 01330 823368.

You can also email Brigitte on or Sheena on

Relevant training will be given to all new Befrienders and it will not involve Olympic athletic exercises!