Council addresses depot concerns

A bird's eye view of what the proposed depot will look like
A bird's eye view of what the proposed depot will look like

Aberdeenshire Council have said that there will be an opportunity for public comment on controversial plans to build a new depot close to Dunnottar Castle.

The site, at East Newtonleys, is intended to include a 12-metre (40 foot) high barn covering an area greater than a football pitch, to be used to handle waste and store road salt. The Mearns Leader reported last month that several community groups were left dismayed by the plans, with several concerns raised about the location of the proposed new depot.

A spokesperson for Aberdeenshire Council said: “A community stakeholder session was held at the end of July for local community council members, local councillors and council employees to be given an outline of the proposals.

“A number of questions were raised that officers will address at a second consultation session to be held in coming weeks.

“As a Major Planning Application would need to be submitted for the depot, a Proposal of Application Notice (POAN) will then be submitted. The POAN submission will kick-start the statutory consultation period that will take place for a minimum of three months during which time there will be the opportunity for public comment. A planning application will then be submitted by the council and there will be opportunity for further public comment before it is discussed by the local area committee and determined.

Head of Property, Allan Whyte, said: ““The existing facilities in Stonehaven are inadequate to support current and future demand for services and by moving our existing depots in the town, we would release sites that are zoned in the Local Development Plan for a supermarket and additional retail units. We have made every effort to ensure local stakeholders are aware of the proposals and will continue to do so.”