Councillor Evison champion for Looked After Children

Councillor Alison Evison
Councillor Alison Evison
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Councillor Alison Evison has been selected to be the Champion for Looked After Children in Aberdeenshire South.

She was appointed following an interview conducted by a committee of young people who are themselves looked after or recent care leavers.

Last week, Alison attended a training session led by these young people, who informed her of what her responsibilities would be.

The North Kincardine Councillor said: “My role will be to be someone looked after children and care leavers can turn to if they have a problem, which those involved in their day to day lives cannot sort. I will help identify and highlight any gaps in services for these young people and will be involved in discussing with the council or the partner agencies how they can fix them.”

“It is important that the young people involved know that they can contact me whenever they need to. Equally, it is very important that they are themselves given a voice to express their needs and interests.”

“I am very honoured to have been given this role. I am very keen to work with all those involved to support individual young people and to develop the best services for all.”