Councillor is aiming to see cannon moved

The Cannon has been moved to a slightly different location on the corner of the High Street.
The Cannon has been moved to a slightly different location on the corner of the High Street.

A Stonehaven councillor has echoed calls by the community for an historic cannon in the town to be moved back to its original site.

The location of the cannon on Stonehaven’s High Street has caused controversy recently, after it was moved several metres by Aberdeenshire Council.

Councillor Wendy Agnew said at the recent Stonehaven and District Community Council meeting that she would like to see the cannon moved back to its original position in the Old Town.

The historical artefact - relocated while workmen installed the new Arbuthnott drain - has been a permanent fixture on the High Street for as long as local people can remember and, according to some, used to mark the boundary between the Old and the New Town.

A spokesperson for Aberdeenshire Council confirmed the new location would be permanent at the start of the month, saying that it had only been moved a short distance, and added that an information board was to be fitted next to the new location, to give an insight into the cannon’s significance.

However, since it was moved, several residents of the town have been in contact with this newspaper to question the need for that - with some even calling for the council to reinstate the cannon back to its original position.

Councillor Agnew, who serves Stonehaven and Lower Deeside, has said that councillors were not informed before the move and that she had received complaints regarding the new site of the cannon.

She added: “This is a ship’s cannon and I have spoken to many older residents of the town and they have told me about the graves which were found between The Cross and the Harbour when the council were building houses in that area.

“I was told that any seamen washed ashore, and who had no identification, were buried in that site. Where the cannon came from no-one seems to know but it could have been off a shipwreck in the Bay.

“The cannon is an iconic landmark of the High Street and is particularly important to the residents in the Old Town.

‘‘We were not consulted as such, we were told at a meeting of Ward 18 councillors that they had moved the cannon.”

Asked what she wanted to see happen to the cannon, Councillor Agnew said: “Preferably moved back to its original site.

‘‘The original position was adjacent to No.24 High Street, outside an ice cream shop which is now a house. I have a postcard of the cannon with my mother and her friends standing beside it.”

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