Councillor warns of dangers caused by trampolines

COUNCILLOR Carl Nelson would like people to be aware of the dangers which trampolines can cause in high winds.

Following the high winds before Christmas last year, Councillor Nelson was shocked to discover the path of destruction which one trampoline left in a Mearns village.

He said: “I would like to warn people who do have them to take precautions.”

His warning followed the discovery that during the storm near the end of December a trampoline was blown out of a residents garden in one of the local villages.

It then flew over the height of the hedges around the garden and smashed a cars window. It continued leaving a trail of destruction as it broke a house window and knocked slates off a roof.

It then took eight people, who ultimately had to slash the trampoline to lift it through the winds, to stop the trampoline.

Councillor Nelson was shocked by the destruction caused by one trampoline, he said: “Listening to this story I thought, that is really dangerous. It is fortunate no-one was hurt.”

After hearing the story he started to notice how many people had trampolines in their back gardens.

He said: “Walking about I cannot believe how many trampolines there are. “I would like anyone who has got a trampoline to take steps to make sure it is safe, not just to protect property but so that the trampoline does not end up causing an accident on a road or hitting a child.” Councillor Nelson said his fellow local Councillors feel this is a worry too.

With the weather being particularly windy at the moment, trampolines are easily picked up. There are many solutions offered to this problem many of which involve weighing the trampoline down.

If you have a trampoline ad have a solution to stop it blowing away in high winds let us know so we can pass the advice on.