Cowie woman highlights real need for dog training

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A Cowie resident is highlighting the need for dogs to be trained after an attack on the Ury Estate left her hand badly injured.

Gillian Carnegy, was left shaken and injured when she was out for a run with her dog, Keira, on Thursday, June 6.

While running along, another dog attacked Keira which led to Gillian becoming involved and resulted in four puncture wounds to her right hand down to the bone, causing severe bleeding.

The police were alerted to the incident but Gillian decided against pressing charges, insisting she only wanted to highlight what happened.

She and her son, Daniel, contacted the Leader to highlight that proper dog training should be encouraged - especially for those people planning to have a large breed.

Gillian said: “Our main concern is that this could have easily have been a child that was attacked.

“There are so many children walking their family pets now that incidents like this can happen and the consequences have the potential to be disastrous.

“My message to all dog owners, whether they be little terriers or Great Danes, would be to spend the time and money training your dog, yourself and your kids so you can have the peace of mind that you have done all that you can to ensure the safety of yourself, your pet and that of others.

“In my opinion, taking on this training - especially if your planning on owning large dogs - should be mandatory and encouraged.”