Craw’s Nest Project

The Craw’s Nest Project at Stonehaven Beachfront was officially opened on Saturday morning, when ex-councillor George Swapp OBE cut a ribbon. See picture on front page.

Tuesday, 25th September 2012, 11:55 am

The leaders of the project have been the Horizon Group, with assistance coming from the Camera Club, Arduthie, Dunnottar and Mill o’ Forest Primary Schools, Mackie Academy and the members of four adult art classes run by Mike Samson.

The concrete area next to the bridge over the mouth of the River Cowie has been transformed with the laying of mosaics.

The main mosaic is in the form of a four-start labyrinth which children can play on, ending at the Celtic Knot in the middle.

Another mosaic is dedicated to son of Stonehaven Robert W. Thomson, inventor of the pneumatic tyre.

The twelve pictures in the labyrinth mosaic are of well-known Stonehaven features and there are two information boards giving details of the 12 places or features of interest.

The project was the brainchild of Horizon member Trevor Bradley, who said it had taken four years from the beginning of the project to Saturday’s official opening.

Mr Bradley designed the Dunnottar Woods mosaic and the Celtic Cross and artist Pauline Ord supervised the school input and helped design eight of the mosaics.

Mike Samson and his adult art classes designed three of the mosaics and the RW Thomson mosaic was designed by artist Julia Nicolson.

The end result is a tranquil area in which people can sit on benches to admire the mosaics, or simply enjoy the view out to sea.

Welcoming the crowd who had gathered on Saturday, Horizon convener Rosemary Clark said this project was the biggest and most expensive Horizon had ever undertaken.

She said Trevor Bradley deserved all the credit and expressed delight that the project had been completed, “under budget and on time.”

Mr Swapp paid tribute to Horizon for its work in improving the appearance of Stonehaven and said the Craw’s Nest Project was the latest of many the group has undertaken.

He said the project was “absolutely brilliant” and that a lot of thought and hard work had gone into it from all concerned.