Creative snow structures go up in Edzell Woods

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AT the end of last week snow continued to cause disruption in the area with schools closed and roads impassable.

However, while some chose to watch the weather from the warmth of their own home, others used the opportunity to have some fun in the snow and in Edzell Woods this resulted in some very impressive structures being built.

Local resident, Allan Marriott, added a new attraction to Edzell Woods this weekend. He was up early on Saturday morning, building what started out as an igloo, became a snow castle and at the bequest of his young neighbours had a snow maze added. The children, including Allan, played in it all day, and as night fell at least one neighbour suggested the castle should remain open as an ice hotel.

The ice castle inspired the construction of another igloo later in the day, but as darkness fell it was still under construction.

The estate also boasted a number of magnificent snowmen, some built by children and others built by individuals just remembering their childhood.

The levels of snow on Friday made some of the roads impassable, so local hero Geordie McIntosh borrowed a tractor and spent many hours clearing a route through the estate on Friday evening after being on duty driving a snow gritter since the early hours of the morning.