Crime down in Shire

Police Scotland has released management information which shows a steep drop in overall offences across Aberdeenshire and Moray Division.

The figures show the total number of crimes across the region has fallen by 17.7%, with crimes of dishonesty and anti-social behaviour dropping significantly.

Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Mark McLaren commented on the figures: “Crimes of dishonesty, particularly housebreakings, are down by over 34% and motor vehicle crime has fallen by almost 39%.

“This is welcome news as break-ins to residents’ houses in particular, are very rare in Aberdeenshire and Moray and the number of incidents reported here are amongst the lowest in the country and the numbers are still dropping.

“Working with partners and the community, we are grateful that through a combination of investigation and prevention activity, there are over 1300 fewer victims of dishonesty this year, and that has to be good news.”

“There has been a significant drop in road traffic offences, with almost 2,000 fewer cases of speeding in particular and 44 fewer overall casualties in road traffic collisions.

Despite this progress, we cannot be complacent as we have still seen 30 people who have died on our roads over the last year. This highlights the importance of strategies like Operation CEDAR, our campaign aimed at encouraging drivers to take more responsibility on the roads.”