Police Dog Beans joins North East Division to sniff out drugs

Police Scotland’s North East Division has added a new recruit to its drugs squad.

Friday, 19th March 2021, 6:30 am
PD Beans has successfully completed her training and is now working as a specialist search dog.

Police Dog Beans, a new drugs detection dog, has joined the Operational Support Division Dog Unit.

PD Beans successfully completed a drugs detection course and has been put to work across the North East Division.

Beans, a one-year-old golden Cocker Spaniel was donated to Police Scotland by her previous owner who thought she would be suited to a life within the police service.

It was immediately apparent to officers in the dog unit that her natural traits and high search drive would make her an ideal candidate for a life as a specialist search dog.

PD Beans and her handler PC Evans bonded immediately and are now working very well together. The team successfully completed an intensive training course in Aberdeen where they were independently assessed in varying environments. Both dog and handler were given a final course examination which they passed with flying colours.

PC Steve Warden, Regional Police Dog Instructor, said: “PD Beans has done exceptionally well and has made a natural transition from pet to police dog.

"I am extremely grateful to her previous owner for re-homing her to Police Scotland.

"PD Beans was clearly destined for life as a working dog and I know the team will be an integral part of keeping people safe within the North East area, as well as further afield.”

PD Beans will receive regular continuation training to ensure the high standards achieved on the course are maintained.