Police Scotland release first quarter figures

Stonehaven police station.
Stonehaven police station.

The total number of record ed crimes has dropped by over 15%, according to figures released by Police Scotland this week.

Statistics showed that, for the first quarter of 2014, (April 1- June 20), there was a drop by 18.5% of the total number of recorded crimes compared to the same period last year within Aberdeenshire and Moray.

The number of robberies in Aberdeenshire and Moray is down by 55.6% with detection for violent crime up by 11.1% to 100%.

Figures show that common assaults have decreased by 15.3%, meaning there have been 123 fewer victims.

Police continue to encourage victims of domestic abuse to come forward and report incidents, and figures show that the number of reported incidents of domestic abuse has increased by 15.9%.

The detection rate for domestic abuse crimes has risen by 12.2% to 84.6%.

Overall, crimes of dishonesty have fallen by 23.8% and detection rates for these crimes are up 10.1% to 33.7%.

Statistics also show that the number of people seriously injured in road traffic collision has remained the same as last year, although the number of people killed on the roads in Aberdeenshire and Moray has risen, with 10 people losing their lives compared to six in the same period last year.

Chief Superintendent Mark McLaren, Divisional Commander for Aberdeenshire and Moray, said: “These results are encouraging, however we will continue to focus on local issues that our communities tell us matter to them.

“There is no place for domestic abuse and we will thoroughly investigate reports of this nature to put those responsible to court.

‘‘I want to encourage victims of domestic abuse to continue coming forward so we can help.

“We continue to witness positive results in regard to violence and I am pleased that we have seen a significant reduction in robberies by 55.6%. It is disappointing to see a rise in the amount of reported serious assaults; however we will continue to target those who commit violent offences in our communities.

“Violent crime can often be linked to alcohol and we have placed a strong focus on our responsibilities towards liquor licensing in order to reduce the risk of alcohol -related violence and anti-social behaviour. We will continue to deploy our resources to keep people safe and we welcome the increase in detection of violent crimes to 100%.

“We continue to work to reduce the level of fatalities on the roads and highlight the risk of dangerous driving.

‘‘We launched Operation CEDAR (Challenge, Educate, Detect and Reduce) in May 2014 and this multi-agency initiative aims to challenge driver behaviour and influence attitudes to road safety.

“It is intended that Operation CEDAR will reduce the number of road collisions and raise awareness of safe driving over the coming years and we continue to ask that drivers take heed of safety messages and are aware of the risks of the road in order to protect themselves and other road users.”