Crisis time for Marykirk Hall

Marykirk Village Hall is facing a crisis, as not enough people have come forward to serve on its management committee.

a flyer has been put round the village, signed by current hall committee chair, Chris Rushbridge, pleading for volunteers to come forward.

the hall is financially sound and well used, but has little support when it comes to running the place. It has been left to a few willing souls, some of whom have done their bit and would like a break.

Mr Rushbridge himself is happy to carry on, but says it would be nice to see a few new faces.

The flyer is headed “Marykirk has a Problem. The future of the village hall is in question.”

It goes on to explain that the present village hall was built following much hard work by successive management committees.

The result was a fine modern building with excellent facilities, which is well used by individuals, groups and the school.

At each AGM, a management committee is elected to run the hall for the village.

This committee consists of representatives from each user group, plus others from the community who come forward to give their time.

At the last AGM, so few attended, that it was not possible to form a committee.

Two further meetings have been held to try to do so, with the same result.

The leaflet goes on to say - The hall cannot run itself.

It continues: “There will be another meeting at the hall on Tuesday, August 9 at 7pm.

“Please come along if you wish to help. If we do not manage to elect a committee and office bearers, the future of our hall looks bleak.”