Dementia talk to Probus

Inverbervie and District Probus Club met in the Crown Hotel.

The speaker was Susanna Paterson from Aberdeen who works for Alzheimer Scotland - although she would prefer the word ‘Dementia’ as it has a wider meaning.

The vascular variety is caused by strokes, but when nerve cells in the brain begin to die, dementia affects language, vision, hearing, mood, eating and memory. About 84,000 Scots have dementia, but that’s only the ones we know about. Causes range from alcohol intake and loneliness, and it is a big mistake for people to become reclusive because they are embarrassed about how they are - this only exacerbates the problem. Stimulation by exercise and mixing with people is much better. Dementia can be recognized when people slip with things such as personal cleanliness and a general lack of interest. As people live longer and families become more widespread, the care that at one time was present within the family circle, these days is not nearly as readily available, and outside carers are often necessary. When elderly couples ‘cover-up’ for eachother, this doesn’t really answer the problem. Susanna said that many answers are available on line from Alzheimer Scotland.

Lots of questions and answers followed the presentation - as did a donation of £85. from the Club to Alzheimer Scotland.

Member Geoff Goodyear, himself well acquainted with dementia, proposed the Vote of Thanks for a memorable and most helpful insight into the problem for all members.