Derailed train caused disruptions

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A train derailed two miles south of Aberdeen has caused lengthly delays for all passengers travelling between Stonehaven and Aberdeen.

The freight train was thought to have come off the rails just before 5pm on Wednesday evening causing major disruptions for commuters between the two areas and passengers on trains queued up further south. The accident happened on the rail track running parallel to Greenwell Road in East Tullos and the freight train is thought to have derailed when crossing from the freight line to the main line.

Despite there being a few wagons derailed only one had fallen over onto its side which looks like it had dragged down the flattened signal post lying alongside it.

The derailed train, which was preventing trains going both North and South, is thought to be cleared by Friday. Extra bus services have been put in place between Aberdeen and Stonehaven and cranes will begin moving the derailed train today (Thursday).