Do you remember how to pretend?

Lots of parents look forward to the summer holidays and the opportunities to spend more quality time with their children, but the heart of the most proactive parents can sink when they hear a sentence that starts with, “Let’s pretend…”.

For although pretending and role-play comes instinctively to children, many parents feel uncomfortable with this type of play. Local company Pyjama Drama, whose drama classes for children are all about imaginative play, is starting a campaign to encourage more parents to throw themselves into role-play with their children this summer.

Owner and teacher, Dini Dubber said, “It is a well accepted fact that pretending and role-play is vital to children between the ages two to seven years, it’s helps them learn about and make sense of the world around them and it’s also lots of fun.

“But almost every day I hear from parents who have either forgotten how to pretend play or who feel uncomfortable doing it, perhaps because their parents never played that way with them. Toys and computer games are brilliant but we want to remind everyone about the simple power of pretend play.”

The company has come up with a simple way to get parents started with role-play games. Using the anagram CAP to stand for Character, Action and Place.

Dini explained further, “Just think of a character, a witch or a fireman or a fairy, come up with an action, are they putting out a fire, or making a spell and then put them in a place, the seaside, a city, a castle. Once you have that, you’re all set, let the children lead you in the play and see where it takes you! It might only be 10 minutes a day but we guarantee that your child will love it.”

Pyjama Drama is running summer sessions in a number of nurseries throughout South Aberdeenshire for children aged 6 months to 5 years, themed on the Olympics, there will be drama games, music and movement and lots of imaginative role-play.

For more information about Pyjama Drama please contact Dini on 0844 3100618 or visit Pyjama Drama at