Dog rescued after falling off cliff at Findon

The dog was thankfully rescued by the coastguard.
The dog was thankfully rescued by the coastguard.

A dog was rescued by coastguard teams after falling over a cliff at Findon Ness on Monday evening.

At 9.40pm resuce units at Aberdeen, Stonehaven and Montrose were alerted to the incident, and a rope rescue recovery was performed.

The dog was placed in a secure bag and ascended the cliff accompanied by the rope rescue technician.

Once at the top the dog was met by its family and friends who were very pleased to see him. The dog appeared to have very little injuries considering the event. He was taken to a vet to be checked over.

Aberdeen RNLI all weather and inshore lifeboats were providing cover from below as well as should the rope technician required to be lowered the option was available.

Police Scotland were also in attendance.