Drink drivers

Grampian Police have caught 17 drink and drug drivers in the north east, in the first week of the ACPOS Festive Drink Drug Driving Campaign. There were 14 males and three female drivers charged. Three applications were made to forfeit vehicles.

Two drivers were unfit to drive through taking drugs. Five drivers, nearly a third of those charged, were caught following being reported to the police the public.

Chief Inspector Ian Wallace, Head of Road Policing for Grampian said: “We want to encourage people to make the right choice and decide against drinking and driving – an activity which can have catastrophic consequences. In week one of the festive campaign, 17 drivers have chosen to ignore our plea and to risk everything.

“I am very grateful for those people who have called us with information about drink drivers, with five of those calls leading to us stop a suspected drunk driver. I hope those calls will continue as we’re ready and waiting to act upon them.The safest ‘limit’ of alcohol if you are planning to drive is zero. Being just over the legal limit can still result in a driving ban at court and sticking to soft drinks is always the best option if driving.”