Driving Ambition

Youngsters are set to be the focus of an initiative aimed at slashing the number of motorists who get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. Road Safety Grampian will launch the Driving Ambition scheme next week after figures revealed that 40% of motorists caught drink driving in the area were aged between 17 and 25.

Officers will visit schools across the North East to drive home the safety message to pupils.

It also covers basic vehicle maintenance and knowledge of the Highway Code through an interactive quiz.

Some of the schools have also provided funding for Approved Driving Instructors to attend and give some of the students a free driving lesson.

This year Michele Binnie, Drink Drive Manager, Alcohol Support Ltd, Aberdeen will also give an input to the youngsters involved. She will give information to pupils regarding units of alcohol, the effects of alcohol and the lasting damage that alcohol causes to the body and mind.

Pc Raymond Neil from Road Safety Grampian said: “This is another excellent example of partnership working and I’m sure that the students will gain valuable knowledge from this input. Having worked with Michele on numerous occasions during the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course,

“I am confident that she will manage to deliver an interesting and informative session. Hopefully, this will change the mindset of some and make them think before they decide to get behind the wheel of a car after they have been drinking.

“For some, it is often the ‘morning after’ that catches people out. Unfortunately, alcohol affects every person differently and there is no set rule as to how long it takes for alcohol to be processed by the body.

“Our message is quite clear, do not drive if you have been drinking and allow sufficient time for alcohol to be processed by the body before you decide to drive the next day. It’s your choice but if you chose to ignore this advice, the likelihood is that you will be detected and obviously prosecuted!”

Michele Binnie added: “Alcohol Support Ltd is best placed to be involved in the ‘Driving Ambition’ programme to raise alcohol awareness amongst younger people with an aim to reduce drink drive offences in the future. We are working with partner organisations and the community to address the continuing impact of alcohol misuse in the North East, and are pleased to continue our work with the Police and the Courts in this important initiative as evidence exists to show that the percentage of younger drivers being caught is rising.”