Dunnottar Woods felling to start

Dunnottar Woods
Dunnottar Woods

Forest Enterprise Scotland is advising members of the public to heed warning signs and stay safe as felling starts in Dunnottar Wood, Stonehaven.

Beginning on November 2, the work is expected to take around 8 weeks to complete.

Recreation & Tourism Ranger, Neil Taylor, said: “We’re doing some tree thinning work in the Low Wood Road and Glasslaw Burn areas of the wood, mainly to remove dead, damaged and dangerous trees.

“Thinning out the trees will improve the look and feel of the forest but will also let more light on to the forest floor, which will both encourage new young trees to grow and open up the forest floor to a broader range of plants.

“The woods will stay open to the public throughout the works but there will be short closures of paths whilst trees are felled in these areas.

“It’s vitally important that the public stay out of closed areas and follow directions given on signs and from staff for their own safety.”

The small, mixed woodland is on the southern edge of Stonehaven and has lots of paths for people to walk and features to explore - such as the Gallows Hill, and Lady Kennedys bath.