Full swing to celebrate Christmas

It is the start of Advent and the school is in full swing to celebrate the Christmas season.

Thanks must go to Mrs Agnew for securing two Christmas trees for the school, which are now adorning the main hall and front reception, and the S6 students who took time out of their busy schedules to decorate the trees.

It is quite tinsel-tastic and I am sure it will raise the spirits of everyone in the final two weeks of what has been a long term.

We look forward to our Christmas concert next Wednesday, December 18, to which students, parents and members of the community are very welcome to attend.

Our art students will be exhibiting some of their work as well and it all kicks off at 7.30pm.

The first phase of our uniform consultation has been completed and published to students in the school and on our website.

The next stage is to look at how we take this information and formulate it into a dress code that is inclusive and affordable for all.

This work will be done at the start of next term through a working group comprised of students from the pupil councils.

We will aim to have the final version ready by the end of the spring term for all.

Our S2 subject evening went very well on Monday.

We tried out a new model whereby all members of staff were located at the front of the school, which saved parents having to walk around the entire building.

Feedback has been very positive and I think, with some further directions and information, we could be onto a winning formula.

Some 72% of parents and/or carers attended which is great and register class 2D1 get the prize for having 100% attendance.

Our parental questionnaire was well responded to and we will use this as part of our self evaluation around the school.

Our Rock Challenge and Eco groups got in on the evening as well and did some excellent fundraising for their respective causes which was fantastic to see.

Thanks to all the parents and carers who supported the groups through this.

Our new online tool, “Show My Homework,” has gone live this week on our website (the icon can be found on the home page).

Information letters for parents have gone out through students and we look forward to making the content and process of homework more transparent so that parents and carers can support students in their education outside of the classroom.

Every house has now had its end of term achievement assembly.

I have managed to see the majority of them and it has been fantastic to see guidance staff and senior students leading the way in praising and rewarding the large number of different achievements made this year so far by our students.

In addition to this some of our chaplaincy team have attended these events and we will also welcome them back on the final day of term to celebrate Christmas in our end of term assemblies for S1-3 and S4-6.

Our Parent Council met on Thursday evening and it was the first meeting to be led by our new chair, Gillian Wishart, and vice-chair, Isobel Townsend.

I know they are working hard to improve communication with the parent / carer body and this will be done through their page on the website.

Further information on this will follow in the near future.

Finally, over to the students.

Our tennis team have been very busy this term, sometimes in the extremes of weather. The last time I went to see them I am not sure I would have managed to keep the ball on the court given the strength of the wind.

They have done exceptionally well and continue to play through the winter.

Thanks also go to Mrs Alison Young.