International influx for Stonehaven...

Students' language exchange.
Students' language exchange.

This year will see an influx of international students to Stonehaven, aiming to improve their English and immerse themselves in the Scottish way of life.

The French, in particular, see Stonehaven as an ideal location to tour the area and will be using the town as a base in March (24th – 28th) and April (12th – 17th) to visit the area.

The students’ welfare is overseen by Language Travel Tours, which has over 20 year’s experience of providing educational language stays throughout UK.

Clare Plaister, of Language Travel Tours, said: ‘‘Stonehaven is proving a popular destination for students who enjoy its picturesque coastal setting with easy access to Royal Deeside and the Cairngorms’

‘‘For many of the students arriving in Stonehaven, this is their first taste of British life.’’

Rosemary Kieler, who has been hosting students for years, added: ‘I am proud of what Stonehaven has to offer and enjoy making the students feel welcome. It also enables me to supplement my income by working on an ad hoc basis from home’.

Clare said: ‘‘Is it not just host families who earn additional income by providing accommodation, the local community benefits too with students spending in shops and cafes and paying entry fees for local attractions. ‘‘

If you are interested in becoming a host family, contact Clare on: 01561 378218 or” to find out more.