Local pupils receive letters from Kenya

Pupils from Arduthie Primary School have received thank you letters from Kenya in recognition of their kindness to a local orphanage and primary school earlier this year.

All the pupils from the school were involved in the initiative which began with them knitting and collecting small patches and putting them together to create blankets for a Kenyan orphanage.

They teamed together with Aberdeen College, learnt to knit and asked their friends and family to help in order to create enough small squares to make hundreds of patchwork blankets.

They made over an impressive 300 blankets and ended up catering for the orphanage, an old folks home and a hospital.

The idea started off when Arduthie teacher Mrs Mckechnie’s teenage son David Mckechnie was taking part in a volunteer trip to Kenya with Aberdeen College.

When the interest in the blankets rocketed the expense of sending the blankets over also escalated, so local businesses and generous parents stepped in and helped the school and college with the cost of transporting their creations.

Craft shop Hobbycraft in Aberdeen also donated over 1000 squares to the project which were knitted by their customers.

The project had such a high level of support from the parents and businesses that they had left over money that they used to buy a washing machine for the orphanage and desks for the local primary schools.

The pupils at the Kenyan primary school then wrote letters to the pupils at Arduthie Primary School which they received last week. The letters from the older pupils were personally written to the pupils and told them all about their lives and hobbies. The children at Arduthie excitedly read the well-written, incredibly neat hand writing of the Kenyan children and asked if they could write back to their new friends.