S1/3 pupils get fitted out

We also had a team out and about in our primary schools with current P7 students. We will finish the process on Tuesday, June 10, when our senior students return to school and the remaining P7 students are visited in their primaries. All the information about our school uniform is on the website and we look forward to seeing our students in their full glory in August 2014.

Our senior students are well into their examination phase at the moment and things are running very smoothly indeed. Our invigilators have commented on the positive behaviours of our students and we have had very few issues around non-attendance.

Last week I was invited to join some of our S3 students on a visit to the Gordon Highlanders museum in Aberdeen.

This was a morning to explore further some of the issues around World War One which they are currently studying as part of their curriculum provision in History as well as being very topical given that this year is the 100th anniversary of the start of this event. Having never been to the museum before I was very impressed by their displays, materials and volunteers.

Our students were treated to three different sessions which looked at the clothing and gear worn by soldiers in WWI as well as what life would have been like in the trenches alongside the stories of men involved in the conflict. Students were able to see the armoury as well as a scale model created by volunteers about what the trench systems would have looked like.

All in all it was a really interesting morning and a great example of history brought to life.

At Mackie Academy we will be looking at how we can commemorate the key events coming up in the next few years associated with these significant events in our history.

Despite the lack of senior students our S1-S3 students kept the house competition alive last week with a competitive form of charades.

Dunnottar were triumphant in S1, Ury in S2 and Rickarton in S3 although Swanley did very well placing in the top three in all year groups. As you may or may not be aware Mr Ewen Ritchie, PT Guidance of Rickarton House, is retiring at the end of this academic year.

Owing to a drop in our school roll the post will not be replaced and therefore the decision has been made to collapse Rickarton House. Obviously this has been a difficult decision to make but we look forward to welcoming the students of Rickarton into our other houses as of August 2014.

The Grampian Rugby Festival took place last week and our S1 and S2 teams won all the matches that they participated in.

Some of our girls were there playing their first competitive match and, despite a fairly wet day, had a great time. A big thanks to the staff who supported this event.

In addition to this we had Kenny Herriott in school on Thursday as part of the “Champions in Schools” programme. Kenny was ranked from 2005 to 2008 as one of the world’s leading wheelchair athletes. There is no other athlete in Aberdeen with an international profile as high.

He became disabled in 2000 as the result of an unfortunate motorcycle accident. Having previously been a successful fitness instructor he was determined to regain his fitness and not let his disability hold him back in life. He has been speaking to some of our students about his career and how he has approached the challenges it has presented.

This has been really well received by the students and thanks to the PE team for their input to this.

As we approach the summer, Mrs Coleman and her team are getting ready for the Iceland Study Tour.

I have to say, as a geographer and geologist, I am quite jealous that I am not going.

I am sure that they will have a super time at the end of this term and the experience will put many of them in good stead for their studies next year.

It is great to see the sunshine out and about a little more. It allowed us to have a fire drill on Friday with our students as it was one day when there were no exams. Things went very smoothly which was good as a new system was in place. While there are some small things for us to work on we will look to have another run through when the rest of the school are back from study leave.

Our students behaved in an exemplary manner and took the situation in the serious manner that is required. Let’s hope the sunshine continues for the many other events coming up this term.

Finally our Parent-Teacher Association have their final event of the year on Friday, June 20, with their annual quiz night. Tickets are available on an individual basis (£3 each) or a family ticket is available for £10. These can be purchased from PTA members or the Front Reception at Mackie Academy.

The PTA would also be grateful for any donations to the raffle which can be dropped off at Front Reception if you wish. The event starts at 7pm in the School Canteen and by all accounts was a great success last year.