Seat of Learning at Mackie

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A special new bench appeared at Mackie Academy this past week which was carved by local wood carver Dr David Roberts.

The bench bench which is in the quad area of the school was finished on Friday in front of the children.

Dr David Roberts carving the wood log at Mackie last Friday

Dr David Roberts carving the wood log at Mackie last Friday

Working with two chainsaws David, who only started wood carving last year, spent roughly 12 hours creating the ‘Seat of Learning’.

Pupils were able to see the finishing touches being made to the bench during break and lunch from a safe distance.

The original log, pictured above weighed roughly a tonne and even with all the carving done to the wood, the finished bench still weights half a tonne.

Carver David told the Leader: “This was a great project to get involved in and it was through a friend at the school that I got involved.

The original log that was used

The original log that was used

“The school was looking to make some changes around the quad and I am happy to be involved and give something back to the community.”

Local company DM Forklifts uplifted the bench free of charge to the school.

Rector at Mackie Academy Louise Moir said: “ The carving of the seat of learning is hopefully going to be part of a bigger redevelopment of the quad area at Mackie Academy into an outdoor learning environment. We currently have an application in for funding that would allow us to develop an outdoor classroom as well as a sensory garden

and, overall, this would convert this space into a more “user friendly” space for our students.

The finished 'Seat of Learning' at Mackie Academy

The finished 'Seat of Learning' at Mackie Academy

“We are exceptionally lucky to have been able to secure the services of Dr David Roberts for this project and the impact has been significant around the school. We hope it will be a great welcome feature to this space and are very grateful for the time and effort that has gone into this project. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Alan Craig,Technologies teacher, for his input into this project as well.”

For more pictures of the bench and other carvings see Dervish Carvings at: