Writers and Learners connected at Stonehaven workshop

Writers from Stonehaven and Inverbervie were treated to a writing workshop this past Sunday at the Stonehaven Community Centre.

Kirsten McKenzie, author of The Chapel At The Edge Of The World and The Captain’s Wife and writer and poet Kenneth Steven each led a writing workshop session designed to help foster learners’ writing skills as well as to provide stimulating ideas for writing.

The writing workshop took place last Sunday at the Stonehaven Community Centre

The writing workshop took place last Sunday at the Stonehaven Community Centre

The whole day session took place with members of the Stonehaven Writing Group ‘Stoney Scrievars’ and members of an Inverbervie Writing Group present to learn from the two writers, with poetry in the morning and prose in the afternoon.

Kenneth Steven led the morning workshop on poetry and gave this advice on editing at the workshop: “It’s getting to that quiet place and just reading and reading and working on through it.”

Kirsten Mckenzie told the Leader: “I am here to do a workshop on character development, this morning we looked at poetry and this afternoon we are looking at fiction. I have been very impressed with the quality and diversity of work that I have heard so far.”

Kirsten was also taking notes during Kenneths part in the workshop as it was good to get another writers opinion.

She added: “We often don’t get that opportunity, to hear the perspective of other writers and to see how much we have in common.”

Currently the adult learns in Bervie have been meeting for 3 years, on Mondays and have released one anthology, ‘A Tangle of Words’ featuring imaginative poetry, personal stories and experiences of learning.

The Stoney Scrievars have been meeting for 7 years and have released three anthologies the latest being “An Excitement of Possibilities”.

You can see hear more of our interview with Kirsten on the Mearns Leader website www.mearnsleader.co.uk

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