Educational initiative supports museum

Gourdon Primary School pupils.
Gourdon Primary School pupils.

A new educational initiative has taken place between Primary five pupils at Gourdon School, and senior pupils from the Civilianship programme at Lathallan school.

Pupils from Lathallan school have been working with Dave Ramsay, Project Director of the Howe o’ the Mearns Heritage Association over the past year, and have raised nearly £1,000 from sponsorship, for the refurbishment of the Maggie Law Maritime Museum in Gourdon.

This new initiative sees both sets of pupils working together with Dave, and Mrs Madden of Gourdon primary school, along with Mr David Jorgenson of Lathallan school, working with the pupils on a weekly basis.

The wide range of practical and theoretical activities, will form the educational programme which will be one of the new range of services provided by the Museum.

The educational activities are being created for a wide age range of pupils, and will be tested and validated by the age range of pupils for which they were designed. The activities are being designed to fit with the Curriculum for Excellence initiative.

Dave Ramsay said “With the enthusiasm of the pupils, and the commitment by Mrs Japp, Head Teacher at Gourdon, and Mr Richard Toley, Headmaster of Lathallan School, this is an exciting programme between an independent school and a Local Authority school, creating an educational heritage programme, for their local community, and the wider heritage educational programme”

Neal Weston, a researcher with The Howe o’ the Merans Heritage Association, gave a presentation on Moons and Tides, which will provide the basis for a set of specific educational activities about navigation and time.

The Maggie Law Maritime Museum is dedicated to the preservation of the Maggie Law surf boat which was built by James (Jeems) Mowat in 1890, by subscription from the fishermen of Gourdon.

The boat was used for inshore rescue, and was in service for 40 years and during that time had a proud record of saving 36 lives.

The Museum is currently being refurbished, with Aberdeenshire Council, Kincardine and , Regeneration Committee being the main sponsor, supported by a wide range of local businesses and community groups, with the opening of the museum planned for the Spring of 2013.