Electric car charging points take a step forward

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ABERDEENSHIRE could be in line for electric car charging points installed in council car parks, according to North Kincardine Councillor Carl Nelson.

Speaking at the April meeting of Portlethen and District community council, Cllr Nelson reported that tenders have been put out by Aberdeenshire Council to get the charging points installed across the whole of Aberdenshire in the near future.

The matter was discussed by the Infrastructure Services Committee in November last year when members were asked to approve reccommendations to capitalise on redundant power supplies associated with a scheme to replace outdated parking machines, and Cllr Nelson confirmed that things have progressed to the stage of tenders being prepared.

One community councillor responded: “Aberdeenshire Council need to get their priorities straight”, before asking Cllr Nelson to find an estimated cost for the scheme. Cllr Nelson agreed that he would endeavour to do so.

The council is responsible for the management and maintenance of 109 car parks across the region covering some 4000 spaces. Pay & Display car parks currently account for just over 1100 of these spaces across 27 sites in 10 settlement locations.

The report states that: “With the replacement of old machines with those powered by solar energy, an opportunity exists to capitalise on the redundant power supply which could be used to supply an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging point.

“Whilst it is acknowledged that the Electric Vehicle market has had limited uptake so far it is seen nationally as a key growth area and Aberdeenshire could position itself as being a leader in the provision of publicly available charge points and provide an additional asset in our town centres.”