Elsick plan backed by Prince

Prince Charles has shown his support towards the proposed new town development at Elsick after seeing the plans put forward by the Earl of Southesk.

It’s understood the Duke of Rothesay viewed the blueprint of the plans for the Chapelton of Elsick and is said to be backing proposals for the billion-pound community in North Kincardine.

The town, which would be situated across the A90 from Newtonhill, would provide a variety of homes for 9000 families on 2000 acres of farmland as well as schools, shops, health-care facilities and other amenities.

The development is said to be loosely modelled on Poundbury - a town in Doreset which was built in 1987 and this may be the reasoning behind Prince Charles’ approval of the plans.

Poundbury was inspired by Prince Charles’ vision of urban life where roads, schools, health centres, shops and parks blend in with landscaped homes and the area expressed, in 1987, how the prince thought a modern town should look.

David Carnegie, the Earl of Southesk and the Director of the Chapelton of Elsick Development said he has discussed the plan with Prince Charles and said that if it was not “for the trail that he [Charles] blazed with Poundbury, it is likely that Chapelton would not be happening”.

The town aims to be not only another housing estate but instead plans to incorporate amenities that people living there might need in the community.

Developers hope that people will be able to live, work and shop in Elsick instead of having to leave the town to find employment and shop elsewhere and by doing this, a successful community ambience will be created.

On their website it states that the Chapelton of Elsick development “will offer a variety of properties suitable for all ages, incomes and needs” and the developer has carefully planned the town to ensure it’s as environmentally friendly as can be, with emphasis on walking and cycling instead of taking cars.

The final plans for the new town have been submitted to Aberdeenshire Council and a decision is expected by the end of the year.

If approved, developers are then hopeful to begin work next year with the first house being built soon after.

The plans are available to view in Portlethen Library or online at www.chapeltonofelsick.com.