Enthusiastic rally turnout

It was apparent on Sunday that the R.W Thomson Memorial Rally requires more than heavy rain and grey skies to put the motor enthusiasts off as crowds gathered in Mineralwell Park to commemorate the life of R.W Thomson, inventor of the pneumatic tyre.

Thursday, 28th June 2012, 10:41 am

The event started off many years ago when a group of people from Stonehaven felt that Robert William Thomson, who was born in Stonehaven, was not recognised as highly as they felt he should be and decided something had to be done about it. As many of the people involved were also old car enthusiasts they decided to hold a car rally in his home town to raise awareness of the fact that the man who invented the pneumatic tyre came from Stonehaven.

The R.W Thomson Memorial Rally starts off with a wide selection of old vehicles on display in Mineralwell Park for car enthusiasts to look at, admire and meet their owners.

Awards are given to vehicles that are selected throughout the day with titles such as the Dunnottar Shield, Featured Club of the Year as well as many named after different people as a memorial.

The vehicles went out for a road run around lunchtime travelling from Mineralwell Park along Allardice Street, up Evan Street and out the back road to Auchenblae, returning approximately an hour later in time for trials where the drivers and motorcyclists tested their driving skills.

There were a wide variety of interesting vehicles for those attending to look at. A 1913 Ford Model T was on display which will be 100 years old next year, as was a 2005 Honda S/2000 sports car. There were perfect condition motorcycles from as far back at 1919 aswell as retro VW campervans, Mini, Mercedes and Ford vehicles.

One entrant travelled from as far as Troon in his 1988 Mercedes-Benz SL500 and scooped the Andy Edmonston Trophy for the farthest travelled competitor.

Many of the entrants were from around Aberdeenshire with many from the Kincardine and Mearns area winning awards.

One of the winners was Ian G G Reid from Portlethen who won the Morrison Cup for his 1927 Singer Senior 10/26 Tourer whilst other Portlethen man Martin Singer won the DR I M Scott Cup for his 1965 MGB.

One Cammachmore man, Bernie Pearson, went home with four awards for three of his motorcycles, a 1927 Triumph, a 1961 Triumph and an Ariel Arrow, whilst Newtonhill man Sandy Cheyne won the Tom Middleton Memorial Trophy for the most interesting motorcycle exhibit. Sandy’s 1919 Royal Enfield impressed the judges with its spectacular condition.

John Shinnie from Stonehaven won the Kennedy Trophy for his 2005 Honda S/2000 whilst Bill Smith, also from the town, won the Lewis Murdoch Cup.

Mentioned are only a handful of the winners that were awarded on the day.