Development company not taking blame for drainage issue

Residents in Marywell at Portlethen who have been experiencing drainage problems since Barratt Homes began their 115 house “Cairnrobin” development have been told by the company that it has nothing to do with them.

The septic tanks and soakaways of the residents appear to be failing due to an increase in the water level, resulting in sewage effluent backing up and spilling in to the gardens and houses with a strong smell of sewage present.

SEPA originally said: “It is possible that the groundwork carried out by Barratt at the site opposite the existing properties in Checkbar has in some way affected the drainage pathways in the area with a subsequent effect on the performance of the soakaways in that area.

Barratt Homes then carried out a full investigation and said: “Following our investigation process, we are satisfied that any works carried out on behalf of Barratt East Scotland has not had any effect on your own private drainage system to cause your waste water/sewage to rise to the surface of your septic tank, nor for your septic tank to be quickly back filling.”

The letter recommended that the residents appoint an engineer to inspect and report on their drainage system.