Dog fouling raises a stink

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A Stonehaven woman’s campaign to tackle the issue of dog fouling in and around the town is raising quite a stink.

Linda Moffat was prompted to look into ways to improve the problem after becming a dog owner last year.

Since starting up a Facebook page, from which she carried out a survey and opinion poll, she has received backing from local community groups and residents.

The Facebook page, called ‘Stonehaven Keep it Clean campaign,’ has over 300 followers.

Linda said: “The research I have done has revealed that there are three key areas relevant to Stonehaven when it comes to dog fouling - town, country and farmland. One strategy for tackling the problem is not the answer - multiple strategies are.

“Stonehaven needs not only council support and review of in-town bin and warden activity but combined community support and shared agency trial and error. Any campaign should be about positive change, not naming and shaming. It needs to fit in with aesthetics of a tourist, semi rural town”.

Stonehaven Men’s Shed have offered their support, by offering to create a bag share box unique to the town for those who may have forgotten their bags, and the local cycling and running clubs are also supportive.

Linda added: “There is no answer. But multiple strategies can help support.

“NFU Scotland, Keep Scotland Beautiful, the Community Council and some councillors are showing support.

I want to change the idea that it is a quick fix fine and more bin answer.”.