Fresh hopes for coastal project

Councillor Leigh Wilson says project talks are at an advanced stage
Councillor Leigh Wilson says project talks are at an advanced stage

A Mearns councillor hopes the coastal path between Inverbervie and St Cyrus can be fully developed following discussions with local community groups and potential funders.

While there is currently a path linking the coastal communities, running along the former railway line, some of it is in a poor condition and, in sections, the footpath has been eroded altogether.

A steering group has now been set up to explore financing the project and talks are currently at an advanced stage.

SNP councillor, Leigh Wilson, has been involved in helping guide the group in terms of strategy and direction.

He told the Observer: “The coastal path is a local treasure with some of the most picturesque views in the North-east.

“The path from Bervie to Gourdon has been resurfaced and it is a wonderful asset.

“The next step of the project is an ambition to resurface the Gourdon to Johnshaven path.

“I know there are some land ownership issues so we will have to consider creative solutions.#

“But with the spirit of the community behind this I am confident that we can achieve our goals.”

Karen Kennedy, who is leading the Local Walking Steering Group, is similarly confident.

She said: “The coastal path from Inverbervie through to St Cyrus is one of outstanding beauty and Heritage.

“We want to restore the path so it is accessible to more walkers, local or visitors who can then share the exhilarating experience and take refreshments in the interlinking villages en route.”

The path consists of the old railway network.

The line, opened in 1865, was discontinued as part of the Beeching review.