Hillside House concerns

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A number of Hillside residents are becoming increasingly worried about the easy access to the unused Hillside House just off the A90 at Portlethen. The issue was raised at the latest Portlethen and District Community Council meeting where residents expressed their concern at seeing young children and teenagers entering the site through the barrier that was decribed as being nothing more than a chicken wire fence.

Those living in the recently developed housing estate bordering Hillside House brought the issue up with Grampian Police who said they will keep an eye on the building and urged residents to give them a call if they see anyone entering.

However it seems the concern of the residents is not that the children are trespassing. They believe many of the youngsters do not realise the danger of the building and it seems they are more curious to explore what they describe as the “haunted house”. Onlooking locals are worried it will only be a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured inside the derelict building.

One Hillside resident confessed that her son had been inside the building with about 10 other children - some of whom were as young as three years old. The main issue surrounding the accessibility to the building is the fence and the fact that despite residents’ efforts, it’s proving difficult to get something done about it. They are hoping to get a 6ft barrier installed to attempt to keep curious children out, but were struggling to find out who owned the land. After several attempts it was revealed the land is owned by a private individual who is responsible for its upkeep. The residents contacted Aberdeenshire Council’s environmental department who said a surveyor will be sent out to assess the area and attempts will be made to get in touch with the owner to try and get something done.