Horizon tell council to clean up their act

These banners have been criticised by the Horizon group.
These banners have been criticised by the Horizon group.

Stonehaven volunteer group Horizon have criticised Aberdeenshire Council, saying that they need to do more to keep the town clean and tidy.

Horizon work to make Stonehaven look better, and volunteers do litter picks and plant flowers all round the town in an effort to improve their town. They work closely with Aberdeenshire Council’s Landscape Services, and it is unusual for the group to criticise the council.

In a letter to the Mearns Leader the Horizon group said: “Landscape Services are shortly introducing new trees in containers, which will further enhance the square,but the whole facade is let down by the badly deteriorated, washed out banners, erected by the council several years ago. The Market Square clock is no longer illuminated,and if this were reinstated the central area would be much more attractive at night.

“We work hard to promote civic pride in our town and would ask that the Council make greater efforts to make this a town to be proud of and pleasant to live in and visit.”

A spokesperson for Aberdeenshire Council said that the clock tower is currently undergoing refurbishent, and due to electrical work the lights have been switched off temporarily. The works include new floodlighting which will illuminate the tower.