Nuisance of seagulls in Stonehaven is ‘reaching crisis point,’ says MSP

Cars covered in seagull droppings in Stonehaven.
Cars covered in seagull droppings in Stonehaven.

A majority of Stonehaven residents are agreed on one thing: seagulls are becoming more prevalent - and more of a nuisance - than ever.

Correspondence sent to this newspaper, discussions on social media, as well as passing conversations on the street, all express frustration over the noise, the threat of attack, and, above all, the mess - and the smell of it.

This mess on Evan Street made by seagulls is a typical sight in central Stonehaven.

This mess on Evan Street made by seagulls is a typical sight in central Stonehaven.

Homes and cars, as well as people, are being covered in droppings on a daily basis, as the seagull population seems to have soared. Added to that it is currently nesting season, and there have been several reports of people being dive-bombed by angry birds defending their chicks.

MSP Alex Johnstone even waded into the subject last week in his column in this newspaper, where he said that the problem was reaching “crisis point,” with more and more seagulls nesting and seeking food in our towns as their cliff top homes become less inhabitable.

Some locals took to our Facebook page after we raised the subject online.

John Donald said: “Maybe the community making more noise about the situation may force the council into taking action? If I remember correctly, some species of seagull can legally be killed if it can be proved that are a hazard to health. Given the amount of poop all over town, I reckon this is most certainly the case!”

Frances Richards commented: “I can’t remember it as bad as this in previous years, the area around the square, Cameron Street, Ann Street and Evan Street seem to be the worst. And it has a very strong fishy smell as well!”

Carla Corbett added: “They’re nesting on the roofs in my street and not only is my car constantly covered, they dive bomb and attack everyone!

‘‘I dread leaving my house.”

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