Volunteers needed for Newtonhill knotwood clear up

Japanese knotweed is notoriously difficult to control.
Japanese knotweed is notoriously difficult to control.

Members of an environmental group in Newtonhill will come together next weekend to tackle Japanese knotweed at the Elsick Burn.

NEAT (Newtonhill Environment Action Team) are planning to attack the many colonies of the invasive Japanese Knotweed that is taking over the banks of the Elsick Burn as it rushes to the sea just north of the village - and they need your help.

Chairman Scott Annand told the Leader that the group intend, first of all, to cut down and dispose of last years’ canes that will cover the new growth of the plant in April or May.

The work, undertaken by volunteers, will commence on Saturday, March 15, meeting at 10am at the bridge over the burn behind St Anne’s Wynd.

Anyone who wishes to help should contact Scott Annand on 01569730414, Julia Fleming on 730198 or Alastair McNair on 730424.

Go along and take a cutting tool that is bigger than a pair of secateurs.

Scott added: “It is hoped that the River Dee Trust will arrive in May and spray the knotweed with an appropriate herbicide.

‘‘Nothing has been done on the Elsick Burn over the last two summers .

‘‘Knotweed comes back annually, and we don’t want new knotweed growing over the old canes.”