‘We can’t see the playpark for dockens and rubbish..’

Mr Reid said the docks were as "high as trees".
Mr Reid said the docks were as "high as trees".

A Laurencekirk resident has spoken of his struggle with Aberdeenshire Council to clear the local playpark’s overgrown areas.

The well known local gentleman reported the problem of dockens “as high as trees” last year, and they were cut down by council staff.

However, the roots remained and now they have returned.

The resident told the Leader and Observer: “The whole area of this wilderness has ruined a previously lovely park - now infested by rabbits which are invading surrounding gardens - together with litter from the skate park.

‘‘Nobody wanted the trees and a wild grass area - all of this came about again through lack of consultation with the community.”

Broken bottles, litter and graffiti have also been reported in the park, putting the area in a further state of disrepair.

Another disgruntled resident has been inspired by the problem to write the following poem: