Euroquiz for Shire Pupils

Pupils from schools in Aberdeenshire will compete in the local heats of a Scotland-wide quiz on Europe which has been organised by the award-winning Scottish European Educational Trust, with the support of the European Parliament Office in the UK.

12 finalists out of a massive 29 participating schools will take part in the Aberdeenshire heat, which will take place on Tuesday, March 22 at Lochter Activity Park, Oldmeldrum.

Pupils will compete in teams of four and the winners will go on to represent their local authority at the national final.

The final will be held in May 2016 at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, where the winners from Aberdeenshire will compete against 30 other local authority teams.

The type of questions the pupils could be asked are: Lego was created by a carpenter called Ole Kirk Christiansen. In which European country did it originate? and What is the name of the Swedish currency? If you don’t know the answers, just ask the Primary 6 pupils taking part in this year’s Euroquiz!

This year’s Euroquiz has a language round where pupils can test their knowledge of French, German or Spanish.